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GOLDEN VISA for Mexico: requirements for Investor Visa 💰 | How to obtain an Investor Visa?

Actualizado: 22 ago 2023

An Investor Visa applies to a person who intends to stay in Mexico as a temporary resident for more than 180 days and less than 4 years to make investments in Mexico, according to section VI of Article 107 of the Migration Act Regulations, subsections a), b), and c).

Mexican consulates overseas issue this Visa, and it will be the one with which the investor will enter the country regularly. It has a validity of 180 days for one entry. When entering Mexico, the Visa owner must exchange it within 30 calendar days before his or her entry for a Temporary resident card valid for one year at the National Institute of Migration.

This type of Visa only allows investor residents to see the profits by the disposition of their shares, as well as exercise their rights and duties specific to their investment. If the investor wishes to trade in a tax system of an independent, professional, or business economic activity; or to have a remunerated work, he or she must have a Work permit issued by the National Institute of Migration.

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What is investing in Mexico?

To get an Investor Visa in Mexico, it is paramount that you know how Mexicans prove an investment before Mexican authorities.

  1. You must have a title deed that proves an amount of money in favor of the titleholder, which must make a profit in the future or frequently.

  2. You must have a document that certifies that the titleholder is a resident owner who gets a certain amount of money for it.

  3. You must possess a title issued by a notary public who proves the user’s participation as owner or investor of a company that makes a certain amount of money.

What do I need to validate my investment in Mexico?

Your documents must be notarized by a broker, or notary, to prove that you are a foreign investor in the country before an embassy or consulate.

Investment Visa or Temporary resident Visa?

It is important to specify that the National Institute of Migration does not grant Visas to investors. The correct proceeding you must do to enter Mexico as an investor is by getting a Temporary resident Visa through a Mexican consulate. This Visa is granted when proving an investment in Mexico to consular officers.

What is a Temporary resident?

A Temporary resident is a condition granted by Mexican authorities to foreigners who want to reside in Mexico regularly.

Amounts to be considered as an investor in Mexico

To start a company, invest, or create a legal entity in Mexico it is critical to verify the amounts that will probe the temporary residency as an investor.

The estimated amount you need to have to invest must be more than 3.2 million Mexican pesos. However, there are consulates that request greater or lower amounts to grant you temporary residency as an investor.

It is important to consult an immigration lawyer as he or she will give you the necessary information, and advise you about the amounts each consulate requests, to know more about the amounts you must have.

How to start a company in Mexico?

It is important to follow these steps to start a company in Mexico:

  1. Have your notarized documents that prove your role as an investor.

  2. Have such amounts that the relevant consulate requests.

  3. Have an immigration lawyer backup.

  4. Request an appointment for the interview for a Temporary resident Visa as investor issuance.

For this last step, we suggest you have an immigration law firm support to help you with questions as:

  • Which are your investment amounts?

  • How were those amounts made in Mexico?

  • Which instrument through which you generate money?

  • Whom did you rely on to make a foreign investment in Mexico?

  • What is the source of money?

  • Among others.

Once you completed the interview, and it was in your favor, you will be granted a Visa marked in your passport.

If you carry out the proceeding of Temporary resident Visa by investing throughout 2021, the fee will be 40 dollars.

How to travel to Mexico with a Temporary resident Visa by investing?

Once you carry out the relevant procedures to prove you as an investor, it is time to travel to the country. For doing so, you have to follow this proceeding:

  • You must have the official documents or certified copies that endorses you as an investor in the country. In case you do not have the evidence, migration agents can ban your entry to the country and then remove you.

  • Once your role as an investor is certified, you will be given a form that you must submit in the next 30 days to the National Institute of Migration to request your temporary residency by investing.

Notice that a temporary residency by investing does not allow you to perform remunerated activities separately as this requires another proceeding called a Work permit.

During your stay in the country, you can only carry out proceedings according to your investment amounts or through your profits of specific activities.

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