Temporary Residence and Permanent Residence (FM1, FM2 and FM3) in México

The migratory residence or the stay condition is the way the mexican government gives a document named “Resident Card” expired to every foreigner that wants to stay in Mexico on a regular basis. The legal bases for the migratory residence, or the stay condition, is regulated by the “Constitución Política de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos”, “Ley General de Procedimiento Administrativo”, “Ley de Migración”, “Reglamento de la Ley de Migración, “Lineamientos para Trámites y Procedimientos Migratorios”, and the “Ley Orgánica del Servicio Exterior Mexicano”.

There are different types of staying condition as you can see in the “Lineamientos para Trámites y Procedimientos Migratorios”, every document has their own specific condition of expedition and it has to be solicited in the correct way according to the specific migratory situation of the foreigner. In further texts we will analyze each type of document, however for this article we will check the residence card or existing conditions of stay:

Temporary Residence Card:

  • Through a consulate visa (without work permission)

  • Visa by family unit

  • Visa by economic solvency

  • Visa by having properties in Mexico

  • Visa by scientific investigations in jurisdictional waters of Mexico

  • Visa by public or private invitation from an institute

  • Visa under an international legal instrument for the mobility of persons

  • Visa for investors

Through a consulate visa (with work permission)

Visa for valid job offer

As a visitor that can make remunerated activities

  • By migratory regulation

  • Regularization for family unit

  • Regularization for not authorized activities

  • Regularization under a Federal Regularization Program

  • Regularization for expired document

  • Regularization for humanitarian reasons

Due to changes in the stay condition as a temporary resident without job permission

  • By family unit

  • By humanitarian reasons

Due to changes in the stay condition as a temporary resident with job permission

It only applies to temporary resident students

Request for authorization to work by a temporary resident

  • Job permission for temporary residents (except students)

  • Job permission for temporary residents under a Federal Immigration Regularization Program

Permanent Resident Card:

  • Through a consulate visa

  • For being retired or pensionary

  • By family unit

  • By point system

By migratory regularization

  • By family unit

Due to chances in staying condition

  • By family unit

  • Due to 4 years of uninterrupted regular staying condition

It is important to mention: it exists as a slang or a memory for the old migratory laws, for the terms FM1, FM2 and FM3, the ones that do not exist anymore in the new migratory law. We mention them in this article to inform and explain the correct conditions for staying in Mexico. If someone tries to cheat on a foreigner and it is totally ignorant of the law, they will use these terms in order to convince them. Information is power and if you are well prepared for this information, it will be harder for any scammer to fool you and ruin your pacific staying in this beautiful country named Mexico.

Remember there is always the right pad that will make your staying peaceful and without any inconveniences.

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