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Visa for Freelancers or Digital Nomads in Mexico | Financial solvency | Work in Mexico in 2020

Actualizado: 22 ago 2023

If you are willing to work in paradise, Mexico is the option for freelances or independent workers who manage their time and work.

According to El Universal a Mexico’s newspaper: from April 2020, just in Mexico, freelancer hiring increased 77%. So, if you’re a foreign freelancer, this may interest you.

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Requirements for a Visa for Freelancers in Mexico

If you’re a freelancer who wishes to reside in Mexico, you have to request a migratory proceeding called temporary residence without permission to conduct remunerated activities, or without a work permit through financial solvency.

The purpose of this proceeding is that you stay in Mexico while receiving income from abroad, which will let you live at ease in the country.

Requirements to Get a Visa for Digital Nomads in Mexico

As said before, the appropriate proceeding is a temporary resident visa by financial solvency. You will need to fulfill the following requirements to apply for this visa:

  • Be a worker. On this point, we want to highlight that the people who are employed abroad but that can remotely work (i.e., YouTubers, system engineers, community managers, etc.) are the ideal applicants for this visa.

  • Have a sufficient monthly income. It is required to be a worker of an international company that can demonstrate that he earns a monthly salary greater than the equivalent of 300 days of the general minimum wage in force in Mexico City, which in dollars is approximately equivalent to an amount greater than $ 2,125 (dollar price in December 2021), this during the last six months, at least.

  • Or, it must be demonstrated that you have savings or investments in bank accounts above the equivalent of 5000 days of the general minimum wage in force in Mexico City, which is equivalent to approximately $ 35,500 (dollar price in December 2021), this as average monthly balance in a bank account for the last twelve months

Which are the documents I must submit before migration authorities?

All submitted documents are to prove that you can get the minimum monthly income that authorities request. The documents are the following:

  • Bank statements, certified by the issuing bank. For each case we must take into account the following details: a) if you work for a company, your account statements must effectively reflect the monthly payment of your salary, after taxes, b) if you work independently for your own company, Ideally, you should have a personal account, separate from the business account, in which the payment of a monthly salary is demonstrated, c) if you apply for savings or investments, the ideal is to demonstrate it through account statements in which an average balance is indicated monthly, during the last year.

  • If you work for a company, payroll receipts if you are paid by a company, or tax receipts.

  • If you work for a company, a letter from the company stating the general employment data: date of commencement of work, integrated salary, position, place of work, etc.

  • Job references, which can be letterhead letters from previous jobs.

Where do I do the proceedings for a temporary residence by financial solvency?

Unlike other migratory proceedings, this one must be done outside Mexico as it is not necessary to go to the National Institute of Migration.

The first thing you need to do is get help from immigration lawyers to check the documents you will issue. They will be in charge of sending them to the appropriate embassy or consulate so that the proceeding is authorized.

Once the documents are accepted, you will have to call Mexitel, a free-toll service for booking appointments or go to the consulate for a particular appointment. You will have to request an interview to verify if the information you provide will be enough to get a visa by financial solvency.

I’ve got my Visa to Mexico! Now, what…?

Once you’ve got your visa by financial solvency, you must get prepared to travel to Mexico with the documents you attached to prove your financial solvency, as immigration agents at the airport are qualified to request these documents again.

Once you enter Mexico, you will receive a Multiple Form valid for 30 calendar days that you must present before the National Institute of Migration. There, you will have to pay your residence rights, and your visa will be exchanged for a temporary residence card by financial solvency.

Do I have to renew my freelancer residence?

It’s important to clarify that your first temporary resident card is valid for a year. But, to extend your stay, you can prove that your amounts comply with the established ones during the following years. You can request a renewal of up to 3 years and, with these 4 years, you can even request a permanent residence.

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