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What is FM3 or a job permission in Mexico?

The Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM) gives job permissions to any foreign that:

  1. Has a job offer from a registered mexican company and with proof of employer registration.

  2. Has a family, since work is necessary to guarantee the maintenance of the family.

  3. Has a temporary residence as a student, so they can ask to the INM an opportunity to work on their studying area

The phrase “job permission” will appear on the residence card. This only applies to temporary residents (FM3), including students.

In a much simpler way to understand it, is that every foreign person that wants to work in México, must have a job permission given by the migratory authority, in this case the Instituto Nacional de Migración.

What is a FM3?

The FM3 is the immigration status for any foreigner who wants to stay in Mexico working for a while. This condition has a time limit that can be extended according to immigration requests from the foreing, for example: as a student, tourist, correspondent, etc.

When do I get a job permission?

In order to obtain a job permission there are certain aspects to have in mind. The first one is the “proof of employer registration”. This document is considered the permission given by the INM to the companies that can hire foreigners. To accomplish it, all the companies must register in the INM.

What is the proof of employer registration?

Every company that wants to carry out migrations procedures for their foreign employees needs to present the following requirements to the Instituto Nacional de Migración:

  1. Must have an established office. This is because the INM is really worried about the operability of the company. If you are a foreign employee, be sure that the job you are applying to has established offices.

  2. Have mexican employees. Companies must have 80% of mexican employees and 20% of foreign.

  3. Must be properly constituted. Either a natural or legal person must be in charge of hiring foreign employees and must have all their papers in order.

  4. Be up to date in the taxes payment. Considering the current fiscal period where they are requesting the permit. If the INM finds out there are lack of payments from the company, they will cancel the registration procedures.

  5. Have a proof of address. This one must be the same as the one the company gave to the taxpayer register and the one that the foreing employee has.

Every company must know that the Instituto Nacional de Migración makes constant and permanent monitoring to know that the foreigners are really working and making the activities described in the job offer letters they presented when asking for the permissions.

As a company, you must let you foreign employees know that the INM is going to be checking out constantly all the information provided, either through contracts with clients, contracts with suppliers, or even reviewing the entire payroll of the company, to be sure that the information is right.

What is the job offer letter?

The second issue to consider, in order to work in Mexico, is the job offer letter. This document is provided by the employer when they start all the migratory procedures and the request for the visa for job offer or the change due to the condition of stay, either for temporary residence or the job permission.

This document is provided by the company and it must be in the letterhead, and have the signature of the legal representative that is registered in the INM. It should be sealed and describe the job that will be done, the address of the company, the payment and the period of time that will take the job.

The letter must be addressed to the INM with the elements previously mentioned in order to be accepted.

The third issue, the most important one, is obtaining the working visa. To see this document in our passport, we should start the procedure that starts with the company, therefore the company should start the procedure called “visa for job offer".

In order to have the visa for a job offer, it is important that the companies notify the INM about this procedure, so it will verify all the documents provided: the job offer letter, the ID of the legal representative of employer registration. With these documents, it will be issued a resolution so the employee can be part of an interview in a foreign consulate.

How is the interview for the working visa in Mexico?

During the interview, the staff will make sure that the information provided by the company through the employee is real. Once you answer all the questions, the embassy will give you a visa for 180 days.

You shouldn’t be worried! This document only works for you to enter Mexico and later on, you will change it for a temporary residence with job permission. However, it is really important for you to know that this is the only way to obtain this type of temporary residence with job permission. It means that if you live in Mexico, in order to get a job permission being a tourist, you can only make it this way, that is known as an authorization for a visa for a job offer.

Visa for job order and temporary residence with job permission, what’s the difference ?

If you are a foreign and you already have a visa for job offer, this will let you get in Mexico, where the migration authority at the airport will provide you a document called “multiple immigration format”, which will allow you to go to the National Migration Institute to fill out the corresponding form with: your address, the payment rights that correspond to the year, and all the requirements you need to fulfill for the procedure to change the working visa for a temporary residence card with job permission.

However, it is important to know that if you are a foreign that has, for example, a residency for familiar unity, investment, or economic solvency, you can have the work permission whit similar documentation a