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What is an invitation letter to visit Mexico?

Actualizado: 18 oct 2023


If Mexico asks travelers from your country for a visa, what you should do, before writing an invitation letter, is to apply for a tourist visa at any Mexican consulate; The following link is from the page of the Mexican government where the countries that need a visa to enter Mexico are specified, consult it before continuing reading:

If the country from which you will travel is on the list, you can watch the following videos that will help you understand how to apply for a visa to enter Mexico:

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The invitation letter to visit Mexico is based on the article 60 of the Reglamento de la Ley de Migración, that provides the requirements that an immigration agents will ask every person that wants to get in the country as a tourist; this article says: “ In order to authorize the admission of foreigners, the immigration authority, in the review filter, in case of doubt, will be able to corroborate the requirements indicated below …”, the invitation letter also takes place in the articles 40 and 52 in the Ley de Migración, as well as in the 20, 25, 26,43 and others in the Lineamientos para trámites y Procedimientos Migratorios, now a days.


The invitation letter is a private document, written up by a Mexican or foreign person residing in the country, in favor of a foreigner who wishes to enter Mexico, and which, by harmonious interpretation of the law, serves as a support and as a description of the legal requirements required by law to enter Mexico as a visitor without permission to carry out paid activities or commonly called TOURIST.

The invitation letter is an accreditation and support for those who wish to travel to Mexico, but doesn’t count with the enough requirements in order to enter as a tourist.

An entry to any country, is a legal review carried out by an official, the one who is qualified and obligated to check if a person is really entering as a tourist. It’s important to know that immigration agents have the authority and independence conferred by the Mexican state to allow or deny the entry to a foreigner.

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Requirements to travel to Mexico as a tourist

If you come as a tourist, you have to prove to the immigration agent that you really are one, therefore you should know the requirements to travel to Mexico as a tourist:

  1. Showing intentions to leave the country. This means that you are only going to be for a short period of time while you do some recreational activities, and after that, you will return to where you are from. A good way to prove it is by having an in and out tiket.

  2. Having enough money. How much money is enough? Maybe you won't bring millions with you, but you should have enough money to cover all the expenses on your trip (food, transportation, hotel, etc.).

  3. Prove that you have a reservation. Whether it is in a hotel or someone’s house, you have to prove that you will stay there once you enter the country.

  4. Having a schedule. If you are going to visit Mexico as a tourist, it is always a good idea to have a schedule to have the most fun in the country, and also to prove to the agent that you are a tourist.

  5. Through an invitation letter. With this you can prove that there will be someone that will take care of you, and will help you with the bills.

The immigration agent, in order to prove that the letter is real, will call to the places the tourist will stay.

Who must present an invitation letter in Mexico?

If you are Mexican or resident in Mexico, and a friend wants to visit you, and you want to prove to the immigration agents that you will take care of the foreign, because he doesn’t count with the enough requirements listed, then you will have to write an invitation letter. This letter will help the foreign to enter the country once they get to the airport or the frontier.

Requirement of the invitation letter:

  • Place of lodging

  • Identification data of the visitant and the host

  • Passport of the visitant

  • Guest’s INE number, number of the temporary card or the permanent resident card

  • Period of time the visitant will be staying

  • A list of the responsibilities the host will have with the foreing

An invitation letter is a way to stay permanently in Mexico?

Not really. If you want to visit Mexico in order to stay permanently, we can suggest you other ways to do it in a legal way:

Does an immigration agent can ask me for extra documents even though I’m a tourist?

Even if you have all the requirements to travel to Mexico as a tourist, immigration agents can ask you for extra documents to prove it. What you have to do in those cases is to have an immigration lawyer that will help you out immediately if they denied you the entry.

How does a immigraton lawyer will help me if I am rejected when entering Mexico?

An immigration lawyer is an excellent option when you get a rejection when entering Mexico, because you can get a protection or a double check of your documents at the airport in order to enter Mexico.

In conclusion

If you want to visit Mexico for some great vacations, and a mexican or a resident will receive you, you should count with the following requirements:

  • Have all the requirements of article 60 of the regulations of the migration law

  • If you don’t count with the, you must have an invitation letter

  • Having and in and out ticket

  • That the information you give to the agents is the same one that the one you mention in the letter and what your host is giving

  • If you are staying at a hotel, they should have the enough information of your reservation

  • Preventively, have the support of a lawyer in case of refusal to enter the country

Now you will find a video explaining what an invitation letter is:

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